Welcome to Finland! Finland is the most water richest country in the world and one of the island richest countries in Europa. 10% of Finland’s surface is water. We have:

  • 56.000 lakes, their surface 33.000 km2
  • 36.800 km rivers
  • 336.000 km coastline
  • 82.000 km2 sea areas
  • Water quality is good or excellent in over 80% of the Finnish lakes.
  • We have islands 178.947, Sweden 221.831 and Norway 117 116. There is certainly no other region of this size with more than half a million islands!

Welcome to our village Kesälahti in North Karelia. Kesälahti is located between three gorgeous lakes and one of them we share with Russia. In the forests you can find lots of ponds with clear waters and lots of fish.
Kesälahti (Summer Bay in English) is an enjoyable village and known for its holiday and berry paradises. Some of the best moments can be silently experienced by the water, hearing only the voices of local nature or just to feel and breathe the fresh air. We have space and about 6 people living in one hectare.

Locals welcome you to join their events and hobbies. Read more what happens in our area. Push the button.