Sheep Island for 1-8 people

Sheep island is about 3 kilometers from the Ruoke Holiday Village. There are two houses and sauna building, storage, row boat, outhouse, toilets, pier and sun from the morning to the evening. Main house: kitchen, living room, 3 beds, big terrace, outdoor kitchen, lake views. Visitors house: one room, bunk bed for 3 and one sofa-bed or 2, small kitchen, lake views, terrace. If you don’t have a own boat, we can organize transports to and from the island or rent a motorboat. Unique experience, easy to fall in love to Lake Puruvesi.

Drink and food waters you should bring with you and we bring the first water can to the kitchen. BUT every year the local association ProPuruvesi researches the lake water and until now it has always been clean water and fills the qualification rules we have for well water. So that means that you can drink the water, use it for cooking, wash the dishes and use it in the sauna.